Vizua Technology

VIZUA focuses its research and development activities to build technology dedicated to the modern cloud architecture. "Cloudification" and "Application Roaming" are Vizua’s main keywords. Its streaming application platform delivers GPU-accelerated performance and supports HTML5

Vizua’s 3D rendering framework is optimized for the Vizua architecture and makes it easy to build VR/AR/SR solutions. It makes possible the access to highest computing power while answering the need of increasing data and sophisticated algorithms requirements.

VIZUA technology is the perfect solution for cloudifying your application. Normally, applications are not architected for the cloud to optimize the number of users per GPU, reduce data bandwidth, and optimizing total cost. With Vizua, applications and data are efficiently managed to provide the most efficient running environment.

The VIZUA process manager supports powerful GPU Roaming capabilities. GPU Roaming is technology that automatically chooses network GPU resources to:

  • Minimize latency
  • Balance loads
  • Maximize compute power
  • Minimize cost

Vizua Components

VIZUA core technology consists of a process manager that connects data (2D, 3D, 4D) to compute resources and streams the resulting output to a standard browser running on desktop computer, mobile device, or to an augmented reality device. This allows efficient use of resources.

Vizua Benefits

Experience Quality Accelerated servers can create a better user experience than compute on device
Efficiency & Reach Streaming is more power efficient allowing access to a wider variety of device
Collaboration Sharing a single massive dataset between users, each with a unique view
Security Sensitive cloud data is more secure than downloading it to devices for viewing
Elastic Infrastructure GPU resource sharing and scaling on demand significantly reduce cost
Deployment & Maintenance Streaming from central servers makes applications easy to deploy and maintain

Case Studies - Unity Engine

Case Studies - Vizua Engine

Case Studies - Animations

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