Vizua’s 3DVerse distributed platform is a 3D image. It is a high-performance, cloud-based platform The viewing, sharing and printing solution for professionals and consumers.

Vizua is a French based company founded by veteran executives in technologies that store, manage and display high-definition, 3D content for work and play. Vizua’s 3DVerse technology shatters performance and collaboration limitations of other systems, and provides a full set of tools to integrate 3D features into any product or service.


Cloud Simplicity

Through the Vizua cloud service and a web browser, you can share 3D content allowing communication and collaboration anywhere in the world. Since no specialized equipment is required, viewing is easy and configuration-free. There is no need to worry about server maintenance.

Collaboration Tool

Multi-users can edit the same scene simultaneously. Users can create a scene by importing objects from other scene. Then modify those imported objects without altering the source object. If the source object is changed, then the result will be propagated in all scenes the object has been imported in, allowing quick design change and reviews.

Device Flexibility

Through its proprietary technology, Vizua can manage large 3D content files of the most popular types, and stream them to browsers of any devices: computers tablets, mobiles. Using the dedicated Vizua Application, 3D content can be visualized in Augmented Reality, either on Hololens or mobile devices.


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